The Only Way is OPO

Our old friends One Possible Option (OPO) are keeping themselves busy. A video for a new song “No King” taken from their latest album of the same name is out. The boys have scrubbed up well, a new image is evident but the sound still belongs in the murkier alternative waters.

A break from the conventional in terms of previous work is clear tho the band’s strength rest in lyrics that keep searching and probing, constantly identifying new paths into the human psyche.

OPO are a collective that creates together. Unmistakable sound of Piggy’s guitar and a Deni’s interchanging vocal is at the forefront. Father and son duo are working wonders helped by a rhythm section of Edvin (bass) and Deva (drums).

Over the years OPO have introduced themselves to audiences outside of Croatia playing shows in Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Besides solo concerts, the band has performed at many festivals, and some notable mentions are Croatian festivals such as the Park Rock Festival in Novigrad, Hartera in Rijeka, and House of David in Labin. They’ve also played outside Croatia at the Wildlife Rock Fest in Treppo Carnico, Italy, where the band headlined in 2012.
New material is sure to make fans of ’90s alt rock and desert rock happy. The new stylish trippy video proves it !