Don’t pick your Noise

I love unusual bands. I like their originality and fresh approach to what would other describe as “already seen”, mash up of different musical paths and genres. Because let’s be honest here, most, if not all of it, has been written up and already programmed in some smart ass exec plan of World domination. Do not confuse that with a strange- for-the-hell-of-it “weird”. Strange and weird is just that. Strange. Plastic. Artificial. Phoney.

There’s an excitement around the real deal, an ease that artist portrays thru their work. And it is intoxicating.

Such treats are rare to come across, and are not necessary a proof that will make them rich and famous.

THEM MOUSE RUSH invaded my blood system a couple of years ago and have been a regular on my playlist ever since. Croatian progressive rock trio have been around long enough to know each other inside out, have the trust to musically rely on one another and lead the whole band from one adventure to the next as a matter of a fact.

So what do they sound like? Imagine Robert Plant, Jack White, Cedric Bixler Zavala and Prince locked up in a studio after demolishing unknown quantities of ketamine and acid. Yep, you’ve got the picture.

The new album carries on where the 2013’s “To Future Miss Sunshine” and subsequent “Three p One” and “Three p Two”(2014/2015) left off. Packed with space hopping riffs, pushing the listener to explore and recycle, 2018’s “Don’t Pick your Noise” is a natural progression. Hard and funky, punching straight in your face, this is a beautifully weird gathering of like minded forces, and then some.

From a child like opener “Voodo stones” to exemplary “Dumadu Honey”, funky “Don’t pick your Noise” and post hard core “Lethal Dose of Pretty”, Them Moose Rush keep re-inventing themselves and the World around them, as if on a ride with Wizzard of Oz himself. And close ties with “Third Man Records” might go a long way to reach Mr Oz.

I have seen them live, and they definitely rock. However this band needs gigs, and those ones where they will be appreciated for their hard work. Hopefully on our shores in not too distant future.

THEM MOOSE RUSH may not be an obvious choice for your CD library, but beauty is in the eye of beholder as they say. I for one have booked my seat on Them Moose Rush jet to Neverland, Wizzard of Oz included. You need it too. Snooze you lose.