About us

Baltazar Rock is a music entertainment company who’s main focus is promotion and management. Artist associated with Baltazar Rock vary in genre and direction but most of them are in one way or another linked with popular and mainstream rock and roll.

Our aim is to help independent artist make that important next step while keeping strong links with more established ones through promotion.

Back in a days I had an honour and a privilege to play in a band that was meant to go places. Or so we thought. We had it all figured out, got ourselves instruments and started writing songs. This was it. The World was our oyster and the Life was never gonna be the same. One way trip to the stardom….

No, not really. Neither were we obsessed with bright shiny lights, nor was IT that: a plain simple thing, a child’s toy.

But we loved playing live. We lived for those precious moments on stage, doing what we love, for the people who loved what we do.

At Baltazar Rock we share those same goals with artist we work, and vice versa. We look forward, preparing for the future while addressing present day activities and challenges.
More importantly we support and believe in our clients while offering 24/7 advice and management.