A few years ago I came across video clip of a band that stuck in my head. Heavy riff onslaught led by a frontman shouting “Unleash the monster – unleash the beast”. White washed church walls and a central figure dressed all in black. A priest or devil incarnate?

What followed has moved me in no uncertain terms, and while I get the message of sexual exploitation and pedofilia within a Church the band was delivering, I still felt unease. Then again, in this day and age it takes a brave and bold man to question a powerful institution like a Catholic Church. More more, I say more.

And for COLD SNAP that goes without saying. Croatian nu metalers are all about questioning, resisting, digging deep and standing up to any sort of discrimination. Because it is the right way.

Influenced by the likes of Limp Bizkit, Lamb of God, Meshugga and even Slipkont, the band exudes a weight that is undeniable whilst maintaining a vitality that keeps them sounding fresh and cutting edge.

In their 15 years COLD SNAP has released the following albums: “Empty promises”(2008), “Perfection”(2010), “World War 3″(2013) and the latest one “All Our Sins”(2018). However it is the last two albums, produced by Tue Madsen, known for his work with the likes of Madball, Sick of it All and Meshuggah to name the few, that has given the Croats a prominent voice and place under the heavy metal Sun.

First video from the new “All our Sin” is already gaining a significant following: “Witness of your Sickness” is a song with a deep message, a personal one that reaches far beyond. A barrage of heavy riffs and twin vocals are what this guys are about, and by God they do it well. The energy is astonishing and it will keep you gagging for more. I for one can not wait to see them live because they need to be seen, no doubt.

In a meantime dive into their music and rock hard.

Album “All Our Sin” is out on Arising Empire.