Spring is upon us, and if you thought concert scene in UK, and primarily London, was taking a breather before the usual Summer shennanigans you better think twice.

Avalanche of artists are descending on London, and further out a field, in order to secure their spot under the Sun (and an illustrious place on any of the Summer festivals we are being treated to in the UK).

Download, BST Hyde Park, Isle of Wight, Reading and Leeds are just some of the biggest names around. Nowadays music festivals are running through out a year. And then we get the tours. And boy, they coming thick and fast.

One of the biggest, baddest, happiest and outright craziest bands around are DUBIOZA KOLEKTIV. Bosnian mad hopping ska punk reggae outfit have announced a UK Tour for November. Nine happy-go-lucky dates from Brighton in the south, to Glasgow up north will see this “party Molotov coctail” of happiness and positive vibrations explode on our shores and the fact is you wont be able to resist their massive influence on you, such is the band’s pull. If you have been to their show, you know what I am on about. If you have not, do yourself a favor and go and see them. You will not regret it. After all, scientist are urging us to go to live concerts as it is beneficial to our well being. Well what a coincidence these larger then life guys will be giving you a clear bill of health.

For those asking Who, What type of questions Dubioza Kolektiv, also known as Dubioza, is a Bosnian band known for their fresh take on ska, hip hop, punk and rock. Born out of a huge desire to survive the deep moral post war stagnation, band elevated themselves by questioning no go topics in a bold and uncompromising stand that earned them many lifelong friends, and fellow artist like dub poet Benjamin Zephaniah and Mush Kahn from Fun-da-Mental have opened the door into the Dubioza World for the rest of us. Manu Chao, Skindred and La Pegattina followed, but when Billy Gould’s (Faith No More) record label released band’s fifth album “Wild, Wild East” and unleashed the band world wide, the walls started crumbling and the rest is history. Only…they are still writing theirs. Wanna join the ride? It will be fun. Guaranteed.