Repetitor bares its soul

Prazan prostor medje nama koji moze i da ne postoji

2020 has been disruptive and shocking to say the least. Music industry has taken a major hit and many will take time to recover from the new norm.
In a year full of contradictions, highs and lows, fake news and truth defenders, doubts and brazen virtual hypocrisy, few have stayed immune and true to their calling.
So, when I have heard of a new album by REPETITOR, garage punk noisenicks from Belgrade Serbia, my ears pricked up and heart skipped a beat. Last album was released in a now distant 2016 and the news of a new material was exciting and intoxicating. And there we go.

The band, Boris-guitar and vocals, Milena-drums and Ana-Marija-bass have been rocking it since 2005 and have crossed towns, countries and continents in doing so. Garage punk grunge or noise ? All of it in a healthy dose.
If their debut album SVE STO VIDIM JE PRVI PUT (Everything I see is first time) has stunned and shocked the punters, their second one DOBRODOSLI NA OKEAN (Welcome to the ocean) in 2016 has catapulted the band into stratosphere and firmly established REPETITOR as one of the most exciting European bands of 21st Century.

Titled PRAZAN PROSTOR MEDJU NAMA KOJI MOZE I DA NE POSTOJI or “Empty space between us that might not exist” for those who don’t speak Serbian, is a fourth album these extravagant rockers have released and, in my opinion, the most fulfilling, as musically and lyrically the band has taken a step or two up. While not straying from the familiar territory of a notable past, and frankly why would they, this album shows REPETITOR in a new light, stronger, tighter and more mature.
Production has gone a notch up too, fusing and understanding everything the band stands for, and as such has excelled and benefited artist.
Opening track DZUNGLA (Jungle) takes us on a wild and fiery ride full of heavy riffs and beat changes, low fuzzy bass frequencies bouncing you around like toy on a rollercoaster. Grunge galore and plentiful of attitude.
Promptly followed by KROZ VETAR (Thru the wind) hypnotic ambient beat and time for the female force majeure to step in, with the opening sensual vocals shedding an extra layer of humanity inner sanctum, and GORIM (I’m burning) with Boris taking over in a furious punk classic. Brilliant.

KOST I KOZA ( Skin and bone) is the first single from the album and video is widely available on social media groups. Characterized by fuzzy bass lines and heavy riffs, Boris nihilistic vocals have post punk stamped out all over it. SA IZVORA (From the source) sees the rhythm section, again, spewing defiant shouts to all those who care to look up, and open their eyes. Angry Siouxies springs to mind and how appropriate for there is so much that connects these two.
REPETITOR have never shied from getting entangled in a more social subjects and their lyrics have often explored and pointed out to those differences in our society. ROBA SA GRESKOM (Faulty item) is one such example where dark tones and prophetic words will make you stand up and think.
Couple of easier numbers DANIMA (Days) and NOCIMA (Nights) round up this exceptional masterpiece albeit haunting dark vocals reverberate hitting hard right where it matters.

REPETITOR do not like genre grouping and will not encourage the same. If you happen to like punk bands with attitude and heavy riffs, you will like them. If you like bands with girls rocking hard, you will like them. If you like Iggy and The Stooges, Bikini Kill, Metz or Sonic Youth you will like them.
And if all that doesn’t convince you to check them out, you need to see a doctor. Choice is yours.
I know what I would do.

Album PRAZAN PROSTOR MEDJU NAMA KOJI MOZE I DA NE POSTOJI is out on November 20 via Moonlee Records