Days and nights in these pandemic times seem to merge into one never-ending faceless mass, gooey dark molasses with a rather bitter taste. Not knowing what to expect and how to plan for tomorrow is painful, drab and annoying. Only a year ago I was in Brussels, watching live gigs and devouring waffles. I know that because social media “it happened a year ago” reminds me of it, a dash of sanity in the sea of nonsense.

Or two years ago, for example, watching IT IT ANITA at MENT Ljubljana. Band that has to be seen, listened to and experienced, because they are so much more than just a another band.
As it happens, IT IT ANITA is about to release a new album, and that is not the only reason my dog has climbed on sofa staring at me rolling across the floor. Excitement of a new music coming out is reaching boiling point and I feel privileged to be able to hear it before the big day.
But who are IT IT ANITA ?
Influenced by the likes of Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, Metz, Mogwai and At the drive in, band’s music grace Bryan and Elliot, drumer and bass player respectively, crunching colossal beats and distorded screeching noise provided by the guitarists Michael and Damien. And while influences are important, it must be said that what separates them from the rest is their abillity to stand alone and sound fresh and inviting. IT IT ANITA are a hard working band, and anyone who has seen them live will vouch for that, for what they offer to punters isn’t just music, but an experience, one every rightful rocker should indulge in.

Belgium noisenicks have been around 7-8 years now, steadily releasing music and over that period four albums have seen the light of a day, AGAAIIN worth mentioning and LAURENT, especially continuing in rich vein what Agaaiin has done for the band’s foundation, and firmly establishing them as a major tour de force on European club circuit.

The new SAUVE album brings the old familiar raw post punk and energy we have learned to associate with Belgium rockers, and yet if feels as the band has been exploring their own alter ego, reaching to new levels, and hidden depths, complimenting music arrangements as much as the lyrics.
Ghost and Cucaracha, already released singles, are good examples of where IT IT ANITA are musically in 2021. As tight as never before, new tunes stand bold and firm reaffirming genre defying path, and while slower numbers like Authority and Moedoh, and even everlasting 53, ease you slowly but surely into cuddling warm hug, a ferocious but not surprising riff attack is only around the corner, think Little Red Riding Hood innocence being swallowed by mighty galactic Thor. MORE demands more out of you, and it is probably the most evident bow to the bands previous work, energetic and pulsating rollercoaster that will lift you up, wether on someones shoulder or from your sofa.
Is it safe (sauve) yet ? I do not know, but I do want it to be.

I am glad bands like IT IT ANITA exsist. No, make that I am extatic bands like them are around, because it makes me alive, makes me wanna transcend to outter space, in a rocket or otherwise. With a smile.
IT IT ANITA are painfully good, and needed, the way we need oxygen. And should be celebrated the World over, because as long as we get to enjoy bands like them, the World will be a better place.


Sauve is out on 4th April on Vicious Circle Records