Featuring Sasquatch and The Membranes

September quietly slipping away. 2018 is almost at the end, and Christmas is next week. No, I have not smoked my breakfast, and yes supermarkets have started selling mince pies. We just need another World crisis announced by some half wit orangutan to round up things, eh..

I beg to differ. What we need is some maneuvering, and thankfully some heavy real stuff is about to realign my organs come this Saturday. Maneuvering in a shape of US stoner veterans SASQUATCH. Almost two decades after starting up on path of the righteous, Kith Gibbs (guitar, vocal) brings his band of brothers to our shores and I for one could not be happier. Fuzzy riffs,fat bass and run-for-your-life drum beat are sure to make the Black Heart, intimate Camden club they’re playing the place to be.

The band has been busy touring the US in the summer, and the Europe is next: six weeks of rocking some of the Sasquatch trademark tunes such as “Message”, “Sweet Lady” or “Money” (Sasquatch IV), “Destroyer” and “Bring me down” (Maneuvers) to name just a few from a catalog spanning 18 years. Absolute ace !

The Black Heart 29th September. Tickets here

Somewhat at the other end of the spectre but equally important and time defining are The Membranes. Seminal post punk outfit have got a new album out. “Dark Matter/Dark Energy” has been doing rather fine, so much that the band decided to bring a full 20-piece choir delivering Membranes unique blend of dark post punk. London show at the Islington Assembly next week will be the band’s biggest so far and promises to elevate Blackpool finest to new heights. John Robb will be delighted to make your acquaintance, and considering the man has been busy running around the World, this is a fab chance to get to see him and the band up close and personal. Support comes from Steve Ignorant as well as John Peel faves The Cravats and The Wolfhounds. Tasty !

Islington Assembly Hall 5 October. Tickets here