Review: Hladno Pivo @ O2 Academy Islington


Croatian rockers premier outing in London fulfils wishes of many punk rock fans

Playing your very first gig in London midweek, no matter how experienced your band is, would leave many of us daunted and subdued. Familiar ghost of unpredictability raising its ugly head and dealing a crushing blow to your self-esteem. Swim or sink?

For Hladno Pivo, Croatian rockers that was never an option. 30 years after stepping on a path of the righteous spreading their own unique punk rock gospel, London show arrived like a sugar on top. Five strong band of brothers walked on that O2 Academy Islington stage and made it its own from the word go. Flying thru their 8 studio albums in a little over 2 hours to delight of ecstatic fans gave even those unfamiliar with their material clear sense of what the band is all about: uncompromising stand for justice and peace in the World, love in humanity and equality among all.
Dzinovski (Gigantic), Gad (Crook), Desetka (Ten), Samar (Slap), Pobjeda (Victory) are just a few album titles that London fans had a privilege to tuck into last Thursday. Highlights being “It isn’t all so bleak”, “Sing a love song” and “Esotery”.

Hladno Pivo has evolved since their first album, musically and lyrically, and various influences are visible and present in the band’s latest material. However, the guiding light that got these five guys together shines brightly even after all these years. And then some. And while some might object to the bands direction, the answer lies in Pivo’s cover of the Alphaville “Forever Young”, cheekily changed to Forever Punk (and sang in German, Fur immer punk).
Punks not dead.