Muscle Tribe

Jack Black had the grand idea while attempting to raise self awareness of his tribal cohorts in the Year One movie – ” I don’t know where we’r going but I will lead us. There’s got be something better that this.” Leadership qualities par excellence and the name was born. And the band followed soon after.
Muscle Tribe of Danger and Excellence are four guys from four different bands ( and the number just keeps going up). They are also leaders. And more importantly they are making some devilishly sick music. Coming from the punk-rock-HC-stoner melting pot this is some of the best stuff I have been exposed to in recent years. And I survived, begging for more, I might add.
Couple of EP’s and an album down, MTDE sound fresh and inviting, hard and angry, content and untroubled, exciting and together. The band beams with energy as riffs galore lurk in every song.
I wonder what would The World have to say about them ? Guess we’ll just have to see. Something tells me it won’t be too long. One thing is for sure: Muscle Tribe show will offer you noise and disorder. And plenty of it too. And I am salivating at the thought.