Review: Brkovi @ O2 Academy Islington

Tash and go

Turbo-folk-punk-rock may not be something an average music fan would be looking for in London. Indeed, UK capital city is home to many varied musical genres and directions though you would be hard pressed to find a band or a fan connected with aforementioned style. That is unless now.

Croatian rockers Brkovi (moustache in Croatian) are leading exponent of this rather popular movement in the Balkans. Rocky riffs at times meddling with metal fraternity and lyrics inspired by the unrequited love, unfaithfulness and mucho guy living, peppered with a hefty dose of profanity are the bands main characteristics. And although not everyone’s cup of tea, Brkovi should not be taken on a face value alone as some kind of Devils offshoot tasked with infecting us poor mortals with a deadly F.O.L.K. virus. Looking as if they have escaped from the pages of an underground comic these guys are really a bunch of friendly dudes out to have fun. And then some.

Ever since the very first gig they played some 8 years ago this motley crew has had only one target: to laugh their way to the top while exposing some unpopular truths about the local politician or fancy socialite. Humour and piss-take is at the centre of the band’s philosophy. Add to that wild shows and some serious drinking sessions, it is no surprise they are as popular in the Balkans. Why they have managed to get more Croats and Serbs singing together, something any politician over there would pay for in gold, considering their not so distant problems.
Band’s premier London show in front of a handful of diehard fans (some have travelled from Scotland and Germany) was great fun and success. Fans singing every single word, moshing and even stage invasion were evening highlights. Then again anything else would not have been comprehendible.Brexit might have stirred things for all of us but these guys could not care less. They know who they are and where they are going.“Everyone tells me I’ve become a star, though I was and still am a fool,
Lighting up a spark in your heart, Honey I’m a Balkan star”