Noise merchants to support Killed a Fox on tour

Kevlar Bikini devil’s jukebox are rolling into your town next March. HC punk rockers will support Killed a Fox on their “Crown Shyness” tour and take the opportunity to showcase material from their last album “OPT-OUTism”.
The band draws many parallels with punk legends Black Flag, Rollins band or Helmet and are sure to spice up already fired-up line up.
And to make things that much more interesting, the band has just released a new video for “Failing as an adult”.
Check them out as they will invade your head and stay there for a while. Top band.

So, while we’re here, keeping things warm and cosy, few other bands, playing on Killed a Fox tour, have also been busy, playing live and releasing new material.
MORE HUMAN THAN HUMAN have got a new album out. Cheltenham’s prog rockers have been busy promoting material from their brad new album “Legacies” fresh out of the press. 80 minutes of serious drum and bass assault, well worth checking out.

Down in London, excellent stoner rockers GRAMMA VEDETTA have announced a new album for May 2022 although the band has been playing few new tracks lately, most evident at their recent show in London. New tunes and new drummer for all to enjoy and what a cracking marriage of convenience. Album is titled “The Hum of the machine” and until this beauty sees the light of the day, check out the band’s Spotify and YouTube channels, and indulge.

Up in Stoke on Trent young stalwarts BANZAI PIPELINE have released another single from their EP. Titled “Opium” it does what it says on the tin. Hypnotic, oriental vibe with riffs galore, are sure to rock your cage. Must see live!

All these artists will appear on Killed a Fox UK tour in March 2022. Please check the website and social media for more info
See you in the pit !