Cojones are a band on a mission. Stoner rock outfit are out to capture the moment, a kaleidoscope of a life time, a drop in an ocean.

Hailing from Zagreb Croatia, a four piece guardians of sonic riff temple have released 3 albums since getting together in 2006. It is the two full length albums that have caught the eye of a wider audience. Sunrise (2009) and Bend To Transcend (2012) have elevated the band to a new heights and opened up new horizons.

Influenced by he likes of Kyuss, Black Sabbath, Orange Goblin, Down, Eyehategod, Electric Wizard and Sleep, Croatian rockers are firmly set on their path to glory.

Following a receptive feedback from the fans, Cojones have extensively toured in Europe, most notably in Germany where they have played Stoned from the Underground 2012 to a rave reviews.